Website Quote – Terms and Conditions


During our quoting process we must make a few assumptions that are unfortunately inevitable. The first assumption is that a specific process will be followed with the design and development of the website. Unless clearly stated otherwise, quotes are based on the following steps:

  1. We will prepare and deliver a static design of the website (home page, key pages or complete website as per prior discussions) based on the information we gathered during the quoting process and any additional information thereafter. This is a visual presentation of the main pages/features of the website. We provided this as a .pdf document.
  2. We allow two rounds of amendments before we finalise the static design, although in our experience only one is needed most of the time.
  3. After approval of the static design we will develop and deliver the first version of the website. You will be able to view this online. Slight variations between the static layout and design and the final website can be expected due to way in which web technology renders the designs on computer and mobile device screens. In some cases certain design elements may not work within the parameters of the complete design by the time we go live and may have to be replaced by a similar but more effective element.
  4. We allow two rounds of changes before we finalise the website after which we will make it “live”.

Should more rounds of changes be required we reserve the right to amend the quote amount and charge the difference after consultation with you.

The second assumption we make is that we have a good overview and understanding of the main requirements and features of the website at the time of quoting. Should new information, features or requirements come to light during the design and development phases that would have had a material impact on the quote if it was known up front, we reserve the right to charge the difference. Should this occur we will communicate the impact and cost before we proceed with any additional work.

We usually agree upfront what type of content you will supply to us. Most of the time this will be images, photos, text, documents and logo’s or other designs. Our third assumption is that you will deliver all the content as per our agreement, and that it will be in a format and quality that can be used on your website without degrading the overall quality of the site or create a negative customer impression. We will inform you should content need to be replaced. Should you want us to assist we will amend the quotation to reflect the additional effort. Unless agreed otherwise, we will not start with the development of the website until we have all the content (photos, text, documents and designs).



We will bill the website as follows (unless agreed otherwise):

  1. 50% deposit before we start with any work
  2. 25% when we deliver the first online proof
  3. 25% when the website is “live”.

Payments should be made within 14 days after invoice date. Deposits are non-refundable (the first 50% payment). Should you decide to cancel the project after paying deposit we will proceed as follows:

  • Time spent on research (if applicable), meetings. preparation of quotes and actual work performed up until the decision to halt the project, will be invoiced.
  • Should the deposit be more than the above invoice the difference will be converted to a time-based retainer based on our standard per hour design/development rate at the time. This can then be used to utilise any of our other services.

Final payment (the last 25%) will be due on earliest of:

  • 7 days after go-live of the website. Should payment not reach us within the 7 days, we reserve the right to put the website on ‘maintenance mode’ until payment has been cleared.
  • or 90 days after initial deposit was paid, unless the delay is caused by us.


10 Month Payment Terms option conditions

  • Payments to be made 7 days after invoice
  • Failure to pay the monthly instalment on time will result in the website being blocked
  • An admin fee of R500 will apply should the website be blocked and re-activated
  • Ukuyila will keep the website software and security up to date during the payment period after which a maintenance agreement can be setup should the client wish to.


To give you a stable and well-performing web site we use software that has proven its worth over time. Unfortunately, the software is priced in $US and therefore fluctuates as per the Rand/Dollar exchange rate. All our quotes are therefore only valid for 15 days. Should the quote be accepted outside of the validity period we reserve the right to amend the quote to reflect the latest exchange rate.