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Ukuyila – Partners by Design

Imagination brought to life

Ukuyila (oo-koo-yee-la) is a Xhosa word meaning designing, imagination or texture depending on the context. The Ukuyila Group is a collaboration of brands that offer skills and technical knowledge in graphic design, web and mobile app design and development as well as performance coaching. A holistic marketing experience can be provided by joining forces with preferred partners within our extensive network.

We believe in partnerships, being passionate, ethical and living purposeful. Although we are based in the Western Cape, we use technology to provide our services to clients both locally and internationally.

Ukuyila comes from humble beginnings, which is why we understand what it means to establish and grow your business. Experience taught us there are many solutions to a problem and great ideas are born within a conversation.

Let’s start our’s today!

GHY Design now Ukuyila logo

graphic design

Our designs are fresh, innovative and current, adhering to all media platform specs.

GHYdesign-Ukuyila graphic design

web design and development

Our websites are contemporary and modern and responsive to mobile devices.

Ukuyila iPad screen

ok… time for a coffee break!

Appalliance now Ukuyila logo

we design and develop mobile applications

We design and develop mobile apps to connect you more effectively with your customers. By staying abreast of the latest technologies and trends in the mobile app world, your customers will get the best possible mobile experience.

from concept…

Ukuyila app concept phases

…to deployment

Ukuyila Consult

we coach for performance

Lacking motivation? Low performance levels? Do you want your team to be top notch?  Our coaching offering assist individuals to identify and address those areas that hinder them from reaching their full potential.

Our focus is not just on the short term. We look holistically at the individual considering all relevant aspects of life. This forms the building blocks for the cultivation of good habits that ensure sustainable performance over time.

invest in your people to grow your brand

  • Working with GHY Design is an absolute pleasure. Their team and service ticks all the boxes – professionality, communication, cost effectiveness, good design – and round the clock friendliness!

    Alzette Prins Le Bonheur Reptile Adventure Park / CEO
  • I have worked with the GHY Design team for the past 6 years and that in itself should say it all. If you stick to a company...Surely they are doing something right?

    Julita Kok Nuelight / CEO
  • Thanks to the GHY Design team for your professional approach and for going the extra mile. You all are great and it was a pleasure working with all of you!

    Sonelle Roux Rouxview / Owner
  • I’ve only been working with GHY Design for just over a year now and they feel like family! Their work ethic is one of which I admire and with them you always get nothing but the best! Their spirit of excellence is one that stands out for me along with their bubbly personalities and smiles! Happy to know them and to work with them...! They’re just amazing people.

    Amy Jones Singer / Songwriter