Corporate Life and Performance Coaching

Unlock your employees’ true potential

Our coaching offering is tailored for the individual with a focus on the corporate and business environment. With 18 years experience in the corporate world, Werner Carstens heads up our coaching department backed by a coaching certification from the NeuroLeadership Institute of South Africa and a diploma in counselling from the South African College of Applied Psychology.

our process

  • information and goal clarification

    The first step is to establish the desired outcome of the coaching process. Therefore the first meeting can either be with the actual coachee or the coachee's manager or team leader.

  • meet with actual coachee and finalise contracting process

    The initial coaching session with the coachee will be one-on-one and the aim is to establish whether there is a good fit between coach and coachee. The contracting process is also finalised.

  • follow coaching program and assess

    A typical program will consist of 12 weekly/bi-weekly sessions of 1 hour each, either be in person or via Skype. After 6 sessions the progress is evaluated and the coachee has the option to stop the program or continue with another 6 sessions.

  • completion and de-briefing

    After the contracted amount of sessions the progress/results are discussed. The engagement can cease or more sessions can be contracted depeding on the needs of the coachee or organisation.

Clients we have assisted

“You can never stop being a teacher. It is the core responsibility of a leader.”
― Alex Malley